Accessibility Team — Festival Coordinators

Due to the demand for and success of last year’s accessibility service, the accessibility team is expanding again this year. This means we can provide a service of helping people with their camping gear and luggage for the whole time that the gate is open i.e. 10am to 10pm. 

There will be two people doing each of the jobs for six hours each day of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday with cover probably by arrangement on Saturday and Monday. 

This means about approximately 27-30 hours work over the period of the festival in exchange for a ticket and all meals provided as well as access to tea and coffee throughout the day. 

We need 3 volunteers who will work on each day. Two of these will be drivers nd someone to deputise for the Access office and alternate with them between the two shifts. We'll negotiate shift patterns as a team beforehand so everyone gets decent time off as well as time working.

All these jobs need someone who can fully commit to them and be reliable. They are key positions that festival goers will be relying on. There will be some training get-togethers on Zoom before the festival. We will be a small team and therefore need to depend on each other. 

The specifics of each position are as follows: 


You will need to be very competent drivers as half the time you will be driving contra to the main flow amongst pedestrians and other traffic. The ground may not always be at its best depending on the weather. 

You will be driving a Buddhafield vehicle. 

You will need to be able to help people kindly and be respectful about not taking over if people want to be independent. Most people will probably be very glad to let you do the lifting etc, but we are all different. When guests arrive, they are often stressed from their journeys and worried about where they will set up camp etc. 

Your customers will be disabled people so familiarity with the fact that all disabilities are not visible will be useful. Also, our older guests may need assistance as may parents with babies or toddlers. Regardless of these groups, if someone asks us for help then we will do our best to assist them.

Access Officer Deputy

To work with the driver on duty and do what you can to assist them such as communicating with stewards on the route and at the gate. 

To go where you feel you are most effective. This could be, for example: 

  • at the Welfare tent in case there are any accessibility issues there,
  • checking on the condition of the disabled toilet and feeding back any issues,
  • being up at the ticket office and ensuring smooth arrivals of people with accessible needs which means good communication with ticket office staff and stewards. 

Where you spend your time will to some extent be guided by the stages of the festival. Experience as a carer would be very useful as will a calm and mature demeanour and the ability to take responsibility if issues arise. If there are too many demands on the driver’s time, then it will be your responsibility to make sure that they take sufficient breaks to stay safe and communicate with guests accordingly.

  A Word about Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

All Buddhafield events are free from recreational drugs and alcohol

We don’t wish to judge people’s views on this — and hope it won’t put you off applying. If this would be a new way of experiencing a festival for you then why not give it a try?

However, please bear in mind that if you choose to apply to work with us and are accepted, then we expect this policy to be respected.