Spoken Word and Walkabout — Festival Contributors

Are you a Poet, Storyteller, Comedian, Walkabout act, or Cabaret Artist? ...Word Up! is the Buddhafield venue that models authentic self-expression and honours Oral Traditions. We like to make people laugh, and model upbeat truth-telling with plenty of participation and meaningful underlying messages.

We are always looking for keen Buddhafielders who have a show or a piece to contribute, and we also host workshops in these disciplines during the daytime; so tell us more about what you can offer... We love it best of all when people want to contribute and can gift their work through generosity, but we also take care to craft a quality programme in the larger context, so applications don't always guarantee selection.

  A Word about Alcohol and Drugs

Please have a think about our view on drink and drugs, as described on the Festival overview page.

We don’t wish to judge people’s views on this — and hope it won’t put you off applying! And if this would be a new way of experiencing a festival for you then why not give it a try?! However please bear in mind that if you choose to work with us, then we’d like this policy to be respected.