Healers — Festival Contributors


Healers should be aware that applications for places in the Healing Garden are for those offering one-to-one treatments — with only exceptional exceptions. You need to be qualified and insured in the treatments you wish to offer.

This year things will be different. To start with, there are going to be two events, plus of course there will be added Covid criteria you will be required to follow. If either of these changes are in any way difficult for you, please consider applying next year instead. x

Buddhafield Healing Garden Medicine Buddha


Lots of Love and Healing Greetings!
Thank you for your interest in working at this year’s Buddhafield Festival events in our beautiful Healing Garden.
We hope to be able to answer nearly all of your questions in the information below & extra Covid related Hygiene document, but do be in touch if having read it, you still have a query.

The dates for your diary are:

Arrive/set up
Wednesday 7th July
Weekend event starts
Weekend event ends
Sunday 11th July
5-day event starts
Wednesday 14th July
5-day event ends
Sunday 18th July Garden Party @ 6pm
Monday 19th July

If you are one of the Lucky ones & receive an Invitation to join our HealingGarden,
you will need to be onsite from Wednesday 7th to Monday 19th July.

Please pretty please be on time for our two Opening & Closing Healing Garden community gatherings
as otherwise everyone is kept boringly waiting...

Please be aware that we have an online application form
but we ask that you also send us documentation of qualification/insurance by email to


Firstly to tell you what we need, for you to be able to work with us;

    * You have read & agree to follow all of the extra Covid-19 HealingGarden Hygiene requirements.

    * You must be Qualified and Insured in all the therapies you want to offer.

    * We must receive scanned copies of these certificates BEFORE we can process your application.

    * We must receive your filled in Application Form AND certs/ins. before the end of 14th May.

    * You arrive on Wednesday 7th July (10am – 10pm)

    * You leave on Monday 19th July

Variance of these dates will jeopardise your application.

    * All healers are required to attend the MIDDAY MEETING on Friday 9th JULY (its a nice place to be, really) & our joyful SUNDAY 18th GARDEN PARTY, where we ritually close our healing circle and share the Love...

    * You agree to the hours of work & all requirements of the HealingGarden as requested, as well as the rules of the festival - including no drink, no drugs, no dogs & this year's extra Covid-19 related criteria. Take a look at what we’re about. "Get into the Spirit ... but Leave the Spirits at Home"

    * While working, you act professionally, following your own & your therapies code of ethics & in accordance with all that Buddhafield aims to uphold and following current Government criteria inline with the Council Licensing.

    * You are in agreement with the dana/suggested donations system Buddhafield strives to maintain & support our endeavours to work with generosity. This means No Fixed Prices should be displayed on your boards - suggested donations in accordance with recommended rates only please. (see below for details).


    * Fill in the APPLICATION FORM online

    * Scan all relevant QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATES & email them with your insurance.

    * Scan your relevant INSURANCE CERTIFICATES clearly showing the dates of your policy & the treatments covered.
    You must be covered for the dates you are working on site (or written confirmation of renewal if appropriate).
    Then email them with your Qualifications to


Please note, we cannot process your application until we have copies of your Qualifications & Insurance.

Medicine Buddha

The human body at peace with itself, is more precious than the rarest gem.


We’d like to give you all the information you’re likely to need before we get to the field, so that we can all enjoy the festival. This year that includes an extra Hygiene document to help you know what’s needed for the festival lisence. You do need to read this, as being part of the HealingGarden you are committing yourself to be in agreement & follow it.

Pretty please read it before contacting us with any enquiries.
I know there’s loads of information, but most of your questions are answered. xx

If having read through all the info, you still have a query, do feel free to ask us – healers@buddhafield.com



    * The Healing Garden offers complementary health to the festival. We focus on one to one bodywork & practices which are in accordance with Dharmic principles. We aim to offer as much variety as possible, so some therapies will have a limited capacity.

    * This year we will Not have a Healing Garden workshop space.

    * Please know that we ask all the healers to work an (approx.) minimum of 5hrs each day
    Please know that you are free to choose your own hours, although we ask that you finish by 5.30pm on Sunday 18th, so as to get to our Garden Party on time - 6pm. We highly suggest you fit your appointments around the things you would like to participate in. Our festival has much to offer, so do take advantage of it by considering your timetable with care.


Equally, you are of course welcome to work more than the requested 5hrs, but please, heed this warning, don’t work so hard as to burn out. All work and no play makes you... exhausted. So don’t go killing yourself to heal others!

We do not run a clinic style booking system, we intentionally leave how you choose to work, up to each individual healer. Most bring booking sheets or boards to place outside their treatment space. There will be wood available onsite, if you need to make yourself a booking board, but you will need to bring any paint, pens etc depending on your needs - plus extra hand sanitiser!

    * Payment is arranged between yourself and your clients. We ask all HealingGarden healers to work for donations. We suggest asking a donation of £10 for each 20mins of treatment / £30 per hour.

Please consider this before applying to join our Healing Garden, as we are very much operating from a generous heart - if people are able and choose to give more than the suggested donation, we all welcome it, but you as a therapist need to be willing to work for our suggested dana rate - No fixed prices please. Many people coming to the festival are working for "support" within Buddhist Right Livelihood organisations, so please be aware that most of the field might not be able to afford treatments in other place - so lets give what we can and be open to receive. At the end of the festival, manth & the team will ask you for a donation, on behalf of Buddhafield. (details below)

Medicine Buddha Mantra

    * We ask that you bring your own work space; yurt, geodesic dome, bell or frame tent, etc and decorate with enchanting organic style and festival charm... Please bring plenty of plants to decorate our HealingGarden.

    This year nobody will be able to share their work structure with another healer.

Further Details:

The more beautiful your structure, the more likely you are to be offered a 'top pitch', though final say is with manth & the team - and of course the 'Health & Safety' & festival Layout crew. Preference for the best plots will go to structures such as yurts, tipis & geo-domes. We will then give preference to canvas structures & canvas tents, purely for eco-aesthetic reasons. Please note that in our mandala community, every space gives you the opportunity to create a top pitch, just how appealing it is, is up to you!

If you don’t have a structure but have been before, maybe now is a good time to invest in your working environment. Go on, value yourself & your work enough to consider it. Otherwise you will need to beg, borrow but not steal one!

...a note on the topic of Gazebos;

Gazebos are not very practical structures to work in, unless everyday is blissful summer sunshine. Unfortunately our weather has not always been heavenly, but often full of earthly elements. In past years when it got too wet & windy for anyone to want a treatment in a draughty, dripping space, the gazebo owners took themselves off to play. But then the wind got windier and emma & manth were left to rescue our precious friends from the flaying limbs of the multipeded gazebo beasts. If you have no other option, please make sure you bring plenty of strong rope & heavy duty pegs, as gazebos are prone to fly! and if it gets windy, you need to be around to rescue your own beasts or sadly we will be left no option but to ban them. Gazeboists, its up to you to take responsibility for your potential flaying limbs. Regrettably, if Gazebo's are left to the weather, we will be forced to say No More Gazebo's in the Healing Garden - you've been warned! x

So with this in mind, choose your structure accordingly. Beautiful, eco-friendly decoration may boost your chances - HealingGarden colours are Medicine Buddha Blue (the colour of Lapis Lazuli) and White (the colour containing all others and a symbol of purity). Flower tubs and baskets are wonderful. Prayer flags a plenty...

L.E.D. lights - solar powered lights are great, but please remember, this is a HealingGarden. Our colours are White (preferably soft/warm white) & Blue. Please Do NOT have flashing lights. Perpetually flashing lights are not soothing or calming, for some they cause headaches & eye strain - this is not what we want in our peaceful HealingGarden. Thanx x. The naturally twinkling glow from fairy lights in the nighttime that create a sense of welcome & delight, that’s what we’re about.

The other thing that may alter your pitch position is your arrival time, although we do spend many hours considerately mapping out our mandala prior to the event.

    * This year there will be no Communal Om.

    Tibetan Mantra

    * Please know that mainly due to Health & Safety Regulations & attempting to preserve the beauty of our area, vehicles will not be given permission to park/live in the HealingGarden area. Not even camper vans (but for some very specific exceptions). I'm really sorry if this is awkward for you, but these are the rules we have to adhere to. So nobody will be able to work from a vehicle, and if you wish to sleep in your camper, you will have to park in the healers live-in vehicle area and have a structure to work from in the HealingGarden.

    * Due to weather conditions etc, it may not be possible for you to unload/load your vehicle in the healing area, although there will be a system in place enabling you and all your belongings to arrive in the HealingGarden - this usually involves a wheelbarrow. We’re always happy to hear suggestions of how this might improve. Please have accessible, (pack last) some large ground sheets & waterproof covers to protect your precious belongings if it rains.

    * We respectfully ask for your kind co-operation and patience during the set up/tat down, as you will inevitably need to await your turn. We also very much encourage healers to assist and support each other, a little help from those fit and able goes a long way to creating our very precious shared Garden of Healers. So send out prayers & good wishes to your gods & enlightened protectors and to the spirits of the land, for fine weather and all to flow with ease... as we know this helps! Let us create the Peace and Harmonious community we all long to find in the world.

Medicine Buddha

    Comings and Goings — Why it is Important that you arrive & leave on the dates requested.

    Arriving on the Wednesday gives you time to arrive and enjoy setting up your space at your leisure. You then have the opportunity to get to know your neighbours, meet friends old & new and take advantage of the time for treatment swaps and many a (socially distanced!) herbal tea. This space to arrive and spend time in a supportive & natural environment is something that Buddhafield offers you, as a thank you for all your efforts. It is also an important time to come together as a community of likeminded individuals wanting to harmonise and make a difference to the well being of the people we meet and to all beings on our shared sacred earth. We need people to leave when requested to allow us to pack everything back to bare land & for us to leave in line with our council license.

Buddhafield also offers you the opportunity to join daily meditation sessions during your set up and tat down time on site, should you wish to deepen your experience. No experience necessary - for more information, ask any of the team in the field. We are collectively a healing mandala community...

so How would We like this to be...

Ariel photo Ariel photo

* Ariel photo of the Healing Garden Mandala within the festival in 2011 *

Please consider the value of this when making your decision to join us.

Medicine Buddha Mantra


We have always run the open hearted HealingGarden on a dana/donation basis and we are very keen for this to continue. Since manth & emma took on co-ordinating & lightly holding our HealingGarden we offer a great donation each year. We used to offer a few hundred ££, but for the past few years we have consistently given £3,000 and in 2019 we contributed just over £4,000. Lets see what we’re able to add to the pot this year...

Only because of this, I am able to continually request the healers receive a complimentary ticket and vehicle pass, despite all other areas of the festival having restricted ticket allocations. For which we are grateful ~* Thank you kindly. *~ This means we can continue to have our beautiful Healing Garden generating generosity from an ever positive heart chakra. This would not happen without your continued support, generosity and wonderful good work!

A mighty Sadhu Thank You to those of you who have contributed.

for Buddhafield to continue to be sustainable, we are asking that every therapist working in the HealingGarden at our two events, considers offering a minimum contribution of £200.
Of this:-
£80 - £165 would cover the price of your ticket for the weekend event
£100 - £200 would cover the price of your ticket for the second event
£30/£40 for each event allows your car/live-in vehicle to be carbon neutral (ie we plant trees on your behalf)

So dana of £80-£365 would just cover your ticket price. Plus £60 or £80 for your vehicle pass. If you would like to offer a donation to our charity beyond your expense, we would appreciatively welcome it : )

By joining our HealingGarden you are potentially able to earn £500-£1,000. Please know that we're asking to receive a suggested minimum donation of £200 from each individual therapist for us to be sustainable, though we would like you to consider being generous & covering your ticket prices of up to £445.

Buddhafield is a charity (Triratna Buddhafield, UK registered charity No. 1108826).
To see how we spend your donation, visit the Buddhafiel website for details of what we offer…. not to mention the ongoing kit repairs & replacements, vehicle upkeep, tech support, tea during the many meetings! supporting people with their Buddhist practice etc, etc...

(im still hoping one year we'll have that team trip to Tibet!)


We need to have all your documents & applications in by the end of 14th May...
We will process all the applications during May.
We hope to have invitations sent out during June.
If there is a clear reason your application will be refused, we will let you know as soon as possible.
Successful applicants will be sent further information & an Invitation. Unsuccessful applicants will be put on our Reserve list, so please keep in mind we may still be in touch.

Without all the required documents & confirmation of your agreement to uphold the extra Covid-19 related criteria, you will not make it onto our Invite list.

Please know that you need an Invitation to come and join our Healing Garden.

*** Dates on your Invitation are Non Negotiable ***

We always have more applications than spaces/invitations available, so not all applicants will be successful. If having received a coveted Invitation you find you are unable to come for all of the dates, please be in touch asap, so that we can offer the place to someone else - thank you.

Remember, the more dharmic, varied, positive & creatively enticing your offerings, the more likely you are to be prioritised... bringing lots of small trees and big herbs always wins our hearts.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.
Warm wishes of good health, happiness and sunshine!
the Healing Garden (admin) team xXx
*** * ***

Medicine Buddha Mantra

  Buddhafield Events

#### Message about 2021 Festival Volunteering

Buddhafield is working closely with the local licensing authority to make sure our two events, Buddhafield Festival and Buddhafield Weekender, can go ahead safely. We expect that certain restrictions will be in place in order for these events to go ahead.

Before you apply for a volunteering position, we ask that you consider whether you will be comfortable following whatever restrictions are in place as per current government guidelines at the time of the events. This could include, but is not limited to, extra handwashing, social distancing, face masks, no snack provision and extra rules around mealtimes etc.

If you will find this difficult then this year might not be the year for you and we look forward to having you back as a volunteer when we no longer need to follow these restrictions.


#### A Word about Alcohol and Drugs

Please have a think about our view on alcohol and recreational drugs, as described on the Festival overview page.

We don’t wish to judge people’s views on this — and hope it won’t put you off applying! And if this would be a new way of experiencing a festival for you then why not give it a try?! However please bear in mind that if you choose to work with us and are accepted, then we’d expect this policy to be respected.