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Thank you for your interest in helping to create our beautiful Healing Garden at this year's Buddhafield festival events.

This year things will of course be a bit different. We at Buddhafield are working closely with the local licensing authority to make sure our two events, the Buddhafield Festival and the Buddhafield Weekender can go ahead safely. We expect that certain restrictions will be in place in order for our event to go ahead, and our license application is based upon there being social distancing, and face covering. We would like those attending to know that it should be expected that there will be these regulations in place and to work with us to create a harmonious, safe and joyful Buddhafield.

As part of our HealingGarden Helper Team, you will need to be able to commit to all these regulations and be with us for the whole time, from setting up the first Weekender to tatting down the main Festival event. If you are Not able to commit to any of this, we kindly ask you to consider applying next year instead. Thanks x

Here’s a bit of information to help you to make up your mind if you would like to join us, and some questions to help us decide if you’re what we’re looking for. It is just to give you a guide to the type of things we will be asking of you. We don’t expect anyone to have everything we need, or necessarily to know what you’re doing (though it helps if you’ve had some experience/skills – especially when it comes to bench making/wood work). We will explain what is needed as we go along - to the best of our ability – then we’ll all get stuck in and see what we can collectively conjure!

There are only a few places available & much to be done on a tiny shoestring budget. So we rely on the good will and generosity, (not to mention general ‘blagging for charity’ abilities) of folk like you; this is your chance to tell us what you are able to share with us. In return, a lucky few will be given a potentially life changing opportunity, to give & receive all that Buddhafield has to offer. To help us find the most suitable volunteers, please read the blurb, take a look at the questions attached, and if you feel you would like to join us, return your application telling us why you might be just what we need.

bell tents and blue flags
a view the Healing Garden

Types of Job

There are two types of jobs we need to get done in the field, some of them cross over, so you will need to be willing to get stuck into anything, but no doubt you will be suitable for some jobs more than others.

Some of what needs doing will be more manual, site crew type things, such as mapping out the mandala, lugging heavy stuff, making fences, creating ponds, building beautiful benches, spiking holes, digging trenches, averting floods etc. – the heavy work. All with a sense of quality in the detail, but made in a moment! Quite a challenge!

The other jobs are all about the aesthetic charm of peace and calm, decorating & beautifying in organic, colourful ways. But still with some heavy graft involved: full wheelbarrows, tying multitudes of prayer flags, making hazel/willow arches etc. Though some of it will also be sitting and painting, placing plants, hanging bottles, lighting many candles and creating an area of delightful tranquillity.


We will be working with the theme of the festival Kiss the Earth under the umbrella theme of the Medicine Buddha in our Healing Garden. So if gardens & healing are things you value, we might be just where you need to be.

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It Can be a Challenge

We don’t want you there under false pretences, the work’s often physically demanding and sometimes emotionally draining for all of us, but can also be very rewarding. There’s a lot of fun to be had and new friendships to be made. Though inevitably, from time to time things can come up for people, difficulties to be worked through, such as how to stay positive when it’s p***ing down with rain – again! We aim to be a supportive and resourceful team, but for that to happen successfully, you will need to communicate to us any difficulties as they arise & take responsibility for yourself. With the right bunch of people, we can joyfully create something from nothing and then put nothing back again!

All of us need to be willing to carry on, with a smile on our face and cheer in our hearts, whatever weather and other chaotic challenges are thrown at us! Just so you are aware, manth & Peter have already worked hard for 4 months voluntarily, so by the time you start, we are coming to the end of our job list – albeit the busy end! We are happy to give all that we do, but you may like to bare in mind, we are in it for the love of it, we don’t get paid and are always doing our best. We are not a perfect wheel, we are a work-in-progress, so you may need to be patient and accommodating as we endeavour to learn & grow as we go… Are you up for the challenge?

in the Healing Garden

What Buddhafield can offer you in return

This year the Healing Garden will have far fewer therapists offering holistic health to two Festival events of about 2,000 people. So with a multitude of treatments going on in a delightful area of tranquil charm, you have the potential to be involved in something of real value. You have the chance to be an integral part of what makes our Buddhafield festival an amazing opportunity for positive change in the world.

In return for all your hard work and resourcefulness, we will offer the lucky few a Free Ticket into Both Festival events and a vehicle pass (car or live-in). We will feed you 3 meals a day during the set up and tat down. During each Festival event, we will give you 1 meal ticket per day, with the hope that you have just one or two jobs to do - such as watering the garden, lighting the night lights, unforeseen jobs... If the weather or other random necessity changes this, we trust you will muck in with the tasks and we will hopefully find more meal tickets accordingly.

This year there are likely to be more Covid related jobs involved (not entirely sure what yet! sign writing, reminding healers & the public to sanitise their hands, that sort of thing) so you will need an up-for-anything attitude.

As a member of the team, you get to experience a different connection with the festival. You are one of the lucky folk who'll get to see it unfold - from a field, into a festival, then back to a field. During the set-up and tat-down there are meditations to join in with if you wish. These are led, so there is no need for prior experience - quiet meditation with others in nature is a true gift in life. We will meditate together within our team each day as well. Plus you get to meet other like minded folk in the field, a chance to dance with other dharmic eco shambhala warriors in the beautiful countryside. There are many wonders & workshops for you to enjoy throughout our time shared in the field, so gather up your bundles of hazel and come join us....

Tibetan Mantra

If we haven’t put you off, but made you fingers tingle, please get your resourceful thinking caps on & fill in the application form.

We will review all the applications during May. If we have any questions we will be in touch with you, though don't expect to hear from us until June at the earliest. You are of course welcome to contact us if you have any queries. Those who manage to bring us the most hazel & herbs, do naturally rise to the top of the list. The more you are able to share, the more likely we are to find a place for you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Wishing you Love & Good Health,

The HealingGarden Team xxx

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* Please fill in the form by the end of 14th May.
* One application form for each individual applying.

  Buddhafield Events

#### Message about 2021 Festival Volunteering

Buddhafield is working closely with the local licensing authority to make sure our two events, Buddhafield Festival and Buddhafield Weekender, can go ahead safely. We expect that certain restrictions will be in place in order for these events to go ahead.

Before you apply for a volunteering position, we ask that you consider whether you will be comfortable following whatever restrictions are in place as per current government guidelines at the time of the events. This could include, but is not limited to, extra handwashing, social distancing, face masks, no snack provision and extra rules around mealtimes etc.

If you will find this difficult then this year might not be the year for you and we look forward to having you back as a volunteer when we no longer need to follow these restrictions.


#### A Word about Alcohol and Drugs

Please have a think about our view on alcohol and recreational drugs, as described on the Festival overview page.

We don’t wish to judge people’s views on this — and hope it won’t put you off applying! And if this would be a new way of experiencing a festival for you then why not give it a try?! However please bear in mind that if you choose to work with us and are accepted, then we’d expect this policy to be respected.