Land and Social Change — Festival

Our time on this earth is both fleeting and precious; How can we use this time to deepen our relationships with ourselves, each other and the natural world and ensure that our actions honour future generations?

Here you will find the Big Change, the Small Change, HearthFire and the Wetheuncivilised lodge

Together we will explore ecology, spirituality and activism and what it means to be a human being at this time of environmental and sociological crisis. This is a space to share solutions and celebrate the potential of building a regenerative culture.

If you would like to offer a workshop/talk/performance as part of the Land and Social Change area at Buddhafield 2023, please get in touch! We are especially looking for sessions exploring:

  • Activism
  • Deep ecology
  • Healthy communities and communication
  • Landskills
  • Low impact Living
  • Radical self care
  • Social justice

  A Word about Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

All Buddhafield events are free from recreational drugs and alcohol

We don’t wish to judge people’s views on this — and hope it won’t put you off applying. If this would be a new way of experiencing a festival for you then why not give it a try?

However, please bear in mind that if you choose to apply to work with us and are accepted, then we expect this policy to be respected.