Traders and Stalls — Festival Contributors

This page has information about applying to run a stall, catering outlet, food stall or fly-pitch.

This page is for people who are proposing a trade of goods and services at the Festival. If you consider yourself a “not-for-profit” or “campaign” stall, and are not a shop selling items, please apply through the Campaign Stalls page. Your structure will still be required to undergo safety checks from the Buddhafield Compliance Team.

Buddhafield Festival has a unique atmosphere and ethos. We’re a fairly small festival with an Event Licence for a maximum of 4000 people on site (less people this year due to covid-safe planning), a fixed space, and the number of trading outlets is limited. We prefer traders who already have some connection with the Festival or Buddhism, who will trade under our ethos and will bring crew that will follow the Terms and Conditions of the event.

Though successful traders from previous years are given priority, we are always looking to talk to new traders, especially if they have a strong ethical approach and trade in vegan, organic, handmade, local, fair trade, recycled and up-cycled goods.

Before you apply to be a Festival Trader

Even if you have been a Trader at the Festival before, please read all the Terms and Conditions carefully and thoroughly as everyone at the Festival is expected to adhere by them and they are regularly updated. If you can not meet any of the Terms and Conditions then this may not be the event for you. If you do not follow the Terms and Conditions when on-site, you will be asked to cease trading immediately and may be asked to leave the event.

Catering Outlets and Food Sellers

Buddhafield Festival is a vegan event, so applications need to operate within those parameters. We receive far more applications from suitable catering outlets and food sellers than we can accommodate, but don't be put off as we have a waiting list in case of cancellations.

Selling any food from fly-pitches is not allowed under our Event Licence agreement with the Local Authority.

Strictly only people who have booked and been accepted to trade at least a month in advance will be allowed to trade food, and we are obliged to perform thorough Food Safety, Electrical, Gas and Structural checks on your stall which you must pass before you can trade. We will send you copies of our checklists before the event so you know what is required.

Please ensure that you are registered as a Food Trader with your Local Authority. The person managing your stall should have undergone an Approved NVQ Level 3 Food Safety Management qualification and any other staff undergone an Approved NVQ Level 1 Food Safety Management qualification - which is easily done on-line.

Regardless of your personal views on this topic, our ethos includes being a Festival that prohibits alcohol and recreational drugs on-site, even used as cooking ingredients.

Keeping Our Carbon Footprint Low

We ask all those who come to the Festival to consider what packaging and disposable items they bring to the Festival, to keep them to a minimum and to take away as much as possible with them after the Festival. To this end, we do not allow the selling of liquids in plastic bottles and ask that the use of other single-use items is kept to a minimum. We cannot recycle Tetrapaks so also ask that the use of these is also kept to a minimum.

Your Pitch

Gas and electricity

If you use LPG please ensure you have a Gas Safe Certificate for your installation. We recommend the use of braided tubing for safety. Our Compliance Team will also check the Gas Safety of your set up.

There is no mains electric power on-site, and we don’t provide a supply from our contractors’ rigs. All traders need to arrange their own power and lighting using a solar or wind charged rig. Generators (including van generation) is not to be used on-site and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is recommended for any such electrical appliances being used on your stall.

General Sales

Please no items made from animal hides for sale - e.g. sheepskins, leather clothes, bags, belts, and so on.

Your Pitch Fee

Authorised traders must be booked in advance and pay

  • A non-refundable booking fee of £25 in advance
  • Trader ticket price for each member of your staff. These are bought online, in advance.
  • A contribution of 10% of your takings


You do not have to pre-book a fly pitch but must have a purchased a Festival ticket in advance. You are expected to take all unsold items with you by the end of the Festival.

The Traders Co-ordinator will have a chat with you on-site and negotiate a donation to be given in by the end of the event.

The management of on-site traders is by the Traders Co-ordinator and the compliance of stalls to external agency requirements is managed by the Compliance Team Leader.

How to Apply

Applications are by online Application Form (see button link below).

All stall enquiries applications received will be considered on their merits. Bookings will be confirmed by the Traders Coordinator by e-mail.

We expect payment of stall fees and staff tickets to be received beforehand.

Please contact the Traders Co-ordinator with any questions.

  A Word about Alcohol and Drugs

Please have a think about our view on alcohol and recreational drugs, as described on the Festival overview page.

We don’t wish to judge people’s views on this — and hope it won’t put you off applying! And if this would be a new way of experiencing a festival for you then why not give it a try?! However please bear in mind that if you choose to work with us and are accepted, then we’d expect this policy to be respected.