Walkabout — Festival

This form is for acts that brighten up the festival generally, without being based in a particular venue.

The main focus will be entertaining the people who are out on the field queuing for workshops who often have to wait a long time, (and sometimes don’t even get in if there is a limit to capacity). We are looking for mobile acts which are lively, interactive, and colourful.

Walkabout shifts are generally 90mins-2hrs a day, and the WordUp! crew will oversee the schedule, hence their Spoken Word tent will be your source for all support or inquiries.

Applications will be open until late May, so please don't expect to hear from us until after that.

Good luck, and thank you for applying!


  A Word about Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

All Buddhafield events are free from recreational drugs and alcohol

We don’t wish to judge people’s views on this — and hope it won’t put you off applying. If this would be a new way of experiencing a festival for you then why not give it a try?

However, please bear in mind that if you choose to apply to work with us and are accepted, then we expect this policy to be respected.