Site Crew — GEA Volunteer

Wednesday 14 September 2022 to Sunday 18 September 2022

This September we will be putting in the infrastructure for a 500 person event (see for event details)

We as a team of around 20 will be erecting tents and other structures, plumbing in the site, off grid power supply and other manual labour.

There is some tough physical work but also varied activities that are not so physically demanding.

There is the space to meditate throughout the day and the opportunity to learn if needed. This is a community building exercise not just work, work, work.

We will spend 9 days setting up the event, then you can enjoy the event while it is on, you will be fed all 3 meals for the duration of your time on site.

Every morning we will meet to discuss the days focus from a practical point of view and also to have dharmic input into our day.

This is a real opportunity to live and grow together in these challenging times.