Festival 2023 — overview of volunteering and contribution areas

Please visit this page for 2024 applications: https://buddhafield.com/join-us-buddhafield-festival

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Workshops, Practice, Entertainment, and Engagement  

Festival Site and Buddhafield Food  

Stewardship, Welfare, Info, and Guardians  

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Healers and Healing Garden  

  Alcohol, Drugs and Festival Participation

All Buddhafield events are free from recreational drugs and alcohol. We believe this is one of the things that makes the atmosphere at our Festival special. A great many people come to Buddhafield because that’s our stated aim and a value we actively promote.

This applies to the crew and contributors as much as ticket holders. All crew (many of whom are on site for several weeks during set-up) are expected to strongly set the tone of the event. This policy applies to “legal highs” as well as illegal drugs and we reserve the right to ask you to leave if you can’t respect this.

People tell us that they didn't know they could enjoy a festival without their recreational drug of choice, so if this would be a new way of experiencing a festival, then why not give it a try! Whatever your views on recreational drugs, though, please bear in mind that if you choose to work with us, then we expect this value to be respected and adhered to.